The Ceramics Studio at the Centre for Visual Art has a long and proud history of ceramic teaching and research since its inception as a part of the former ‘Durban School of Art’ in the 1920’s.  

The Ceramics Studio is housed in up-to-date facilities for the creation and study of various forms of ceramics, including handbuilding, throwing, glazing and glaze technology.  The practical coursework is dynamic: we teach the use of ceramic media including paper-clay, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and bone china, using electric kilns or gas-fired reduction firings. 

Our studio courses include undergraduate modules; Ceramics forms an integral part of undergraduate studies the Visual Arts Programme.  Ceramics modules can also be taken as electives in the BA and Bachelor of Social Science Degrees. 

Level One - FIAR103 P2 (16 credit points)

Introduction to the principles of hand-building techniques in ceramics; glazing techniques; basic studies in design.

Only Available in Second Semester
Assessment: Portfolio of practical work: 100%
Prerequisite: Previous study in art is not a requirement. 

Level Two - FIAR203 P1 (16 credit points)

Observed and imaginative studies in various media. Introduction to the basic principles of throwing and glazing in ceramics; basic studies in design techniques. 

Assessment: Portfolio of practical work: 100%
Prerequisite: 80 credits, unspecified. 16 credits in Fine Art 1 : Ceramics is advisable.

Level Three - Fine Art Studiowork : FIAR301 PC (32 credit points)

Two-dimensional or Three-dimensional specialisation. 

Structured assignments in the principles and techniques of two-dimensional or three-dimensional media, selected from Ceramics, Painting, Printmaking or Sculpture and including Drawing. 

Assessment: Portfolio or exhibition: 100%
Prerequisites: 64 credit points in Fine Art, at least 32 of which must be at Level 200.

Level Three - Fine Art Studiowork : FIAR302 PC (32 credit points)

Two-dimensional or Three-dimensional specialisation. 

More advanced, candidate-motivated projects in the specialised area of study selected in the previous Fine Art Studiowork module, including in Drawing. 

Assessment: Portfolio or exhibition: 100%
Prerequisites: FIAR301 (Fine Art Studiowork) and 32 credit points in Level 100/200 Art History courses.

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